Saturday, 17 January 2015

Does Pet Remedy Work?

Our very own Harvest Moon Boy reports on how Pet Remedy works for Willow.

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Here’s what you do. You spray it on her, it chills her out and we get to walk without stopping for imaginary monsters Every Blimmin Second. That’s pretty much my review, but Mum said I had to say a bit more, so here goes.

Have you met my sister Willow? I imagine you have, but if not you can read all about her here. Willow comes from a faraway place where some of the people eat dogs.  I rescued her, I put on my special black cape which looks rather dapper with my smart white blaze, and went and got her. [Mum Edit: Not strictly true Harvey]

Anyway, when she got here she was scared, I mean really scared – more scared than I’ve ever been, even more scared than how the post-man makes me feel when he knocks on the door in his hi-vis jacket showing off his big knobbly knees. Her scaredness means that our walks are a bit frustrating. I like to walk as fast as I can, until we get to the bit where I’m allowed to run as fast as I can. But with Willow we do more stopping and looking for monsters than walking. I’ve never actually seen Willow's monsters, but she says they are there and doesn’t like them one bit – they scare her. So Mum bought her some monster slaying stuff – it’s called Pet Remedy.

This is how it works:

There are things in our brain-head that tell our nerve cells whether to be happy or sad or frightened or whatever – these things are called neuro-transmitters. Mum tells me that Pet Remedy is made up of a mixture of natural essential oils that are believed to calm and settle you (aka monster slayers). The calming/settling bits of the oils chat with the neuro-transmitters and tells them to tell the nerves to calm down fer-goodness-sakes. So, the nerves calm down and we get to go on fast walks again.

The monster slaying stuff doesn’t just come in a spray – Mum says there’s also a diffuser and an atomiser too. I suppose they all kill the monsters in different ways. I expect that the atomiser one makes them explode into a million different pieces and the diffuser one blows them away into outer-space or something.

Mum says it doesn't have the prettiest of smells – if fact she said it smells a lot like bottoms, but I don’t know what her problem is with that, every dog knows that bottom smells rock.

Anyway, the first time we used the monster slaying stuff we noticed quite a difference – Willow got as far as the end of the road before digging her paws in and refusing to walk any further. This was a lot further than any other time we’d tried a walk together, but we had to come back home and Nanny took me out while Mum stayed with Willow.

The next day Mum sprayed some around Willow and also on her Thunder Shirt as a kind of barrier to stop the monsters getting through I would think. This worked much better and we got all the way down to the beach before Willow decided she wanted to go home again.

The third time Mum did the same as the other days, but also sprayed her jeans on the side where Willow walks. Now, I'm not sure why she did this, perhaps the monsters had started attacking her legs or something – but whatever the reason, it seemed to work and we got to go on a whole walk, with lots of running for me too - I was really happy about that. The only down-side Mum said was that she smelled like bottoms for the rest of the day.

We followed this routine for a few weeks until Willow felt happier walking.

I don’t really know the science behind it all, I'm a dog after all, but, I do believe that the monster slaying spray has helped Willow cope and fight her monsters. It hasn’t slayed them all, we're still working on that (perhaps we need to get a new bottle), but…I think the little ones that stopped her being able to go outside have gone now.

Harvey gives Pet Remedy a monster slaying 4 STARS.

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  1. I have had a similar experience with Canine Calm. I received it as part of a pet box review. I kind of poo-poo'ed it because brown dawgs aren't really scared of much. But when the 4th rolled around and my neighborhood was a week of giant fireworks, I pulled it out. My female could care less but the males were anxious. The stuff worked to calm them immediately. No idea how it works, but it does. Our stuff smells pretty good, kind of luck strong cloves. On New Years Eve there were more fireworks, but the dogs did not care so much.

  2. We couldn't live without our pet remedy! Not only does it work for Jack the dog it works on hubby too!!

  3. You're convincing me that I should try this stuff for Shyla when we got to her "scary" places that are full of monsters. I'm glad it helped you so much!

  4. That's really interesting. My dogs have never had anxiety like that, but my brother's cat does. We got one of those collars for her that was supposed to calm her down. It worked on her, but not our Great Dane. I may try this spray. He tends to get crazy excited when we go out for a walk!


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