Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello 2015

I know a lot of people find them annoying, but I like a good New Year Resolution or two I do! Granted, I don’t stick to them all – but I enjoy setting myself goals it helps motivate me.  One of my resolutions will be to write this blog! Add some extras (a little more than what goes on my photography Facebook page and website!) it will be mostly about pets, of course – hopefully interesting things for you to have a cup of tea with whilst reading and it’s brand new, a step away from my old blog – a whole new shiny one!

So, my resolutions:

Firstly, getting fitter with my dogs! When I only had Harvey, walking was easy, Harvey’s happy going anywhere - after all if he’s out it is quite possibly The Best Thing in the World for Him (other than any kind of food!) However, with Willow, it’s been a bit of a struggle as she so hates being anywhere near anything new, whether that be people or animals, or even new sounds and surroundings.  So walks have been split for Harvey between me and my Mum with just enough walking to not send Willow into a spin. But we’ve been working on that with her together and figuring out where her happy places are - which seem to be woods and anywhere she can hide if need be (securely on an extendo lead that is) and we’re working on her recall whilst doing so, as well as giving her time to make her own decisions (the main one being whether she wants to run when nervous or stay with her ‘pack’ – every part of her wants to run away, but when given the choice during that moment of panics,  she now chooses to head towards us – which is a major breakthrough! So, a lot more walking in Willow’s happy places, which will suit Harvey down to the ground as EVERYWHERE is Harvey’s happy place!

Next is work. Working from home can be difficult – my job is very heavy on computer work – it might surprise you to know that the actual taking of pictures is the tiniest part of my work, processing, editing, ordering, liasing with clients, keeping the website up to date, social networking the business etc, takes up so much time that I often wake, turn on the computer and start work within minutes of opening my eyes – which means I tend to do all of that in pjs until going to do outside work, but that’s not really a healthy way to run the day is it (maybe I’ll let myself every now and again) So, from now on, the pjs will be delegated back to nightwear and I will take more time to structure my mornings properly. Being a night owl too, I often work well into late evening, which isn’t healthy either, so I’m going to try and cap my work days to 8pm. This is going to be difficult in the Summer months, when of course I’m out often on photo-shoots until late, but, I’m going to be strict with myself  to  allow me to do more of the next thing on my list;

Get my creative juices flowing more! As is often the way, a jobbing photographer tends to take so many pictures for clients that the joy of taking pictures for taking-pictures-sake gets lost along the way. I shall be doing more personal projects and getting more creative – which I’m really looking forward to.

Those are the more selfish things I hope to do – but I also want to do more giving back. Charity work has always been a very big part of my life and I enjoy doing it. Animal welfare also features heavily, and I hope to work more closely with rescues and other animal welfare organisations throughout the UK.

And lastly (but by no means least), to be more attentive to my family and friends – all work and no play never did anyone any good did it! So there will be more of that!

So, that’s it. My goals – I think they’re quite achievable aren’t they?

Happy New Year to you and your fur-kids – maybe our paths will cross sometime during 2015!


  1. Love this blog Cora ,more please ,love the pics and the words xx

    1. Thank you Shirley, am glad you like :)


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