Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Dogs

I suppose a good way to start the blog is to introduce my own fur kids! They are the heart and soul of my home, and I really do regard them as my 'kids' - and that's that!


 He of the five year old cocker spaniel variety. The greatest gift to me at a time where my heart was a little bit more than broken. He is everything you could want in a dog and more. My shadow, my friend and my partner in crime! He is very patient with me when I have an urge to try new techniques in photography, and knows just how to work the camera!

He's goofy and bonkers. He takes interest in every single mundane thing the world could offer. His walks are his greatest pleasure (apart from food of course, he is a cocker spaniel after all!) 

He's also more than happy to just chill. Duvet days are great with Harvey and he's the BEST company. If biscuits are involved - he'll pull any number of faces to make you laugh.

He's also, we think, part seal.

And then there's Willow

Willow came to live with us on October 1st 2014 from Thailand. Her Mum was one of the few lucky ones that were rescued from a Thai dog meat trade truck. Willow and her two siblings were born in rescue. She has just turned one.

I won't go into the details of the Thai Dog Meat trade - that's a topic for another blog, and is not part of Willow's future story. However, Willow came to us an especially scared dog - having had very limited human interaction and no socialisation (apart from being with her Mum, Brother and Sister) she is still learning that people won't hurt her and that she is safe now. One of my great sadnesses is that she flinches when you go to stroke her- we are working on that. She is also terrified of anything other than her own 'pack' but we have all the time in the world to work on that - little steps at a time. She is beautiful (as you can see) she has a kind, kind soul, she is clumsy, funny, clever and often a bit of a minx - she is my darling! You can read Willow's story so far on this blog here.

Willow is somewhat of a celebrity here on the Island. Two weeks after she came to live with us she ran away for 6 days! As you can imagine, I was frantic, and that's definitely a story for a later date too. Let's just say she has many many fans who followed her rescue and then search story, who love her very much - and I'm, as her Mum, very grateful for that.

Willow also has her own Facebook page: Willow's Way where everyone can catch up with her shenanigans with her big brother Harvey and watch how she develops and settles into UK life.

So, there's my babies! I'd love to hear about yours :) 


  1. Harvey is beautiful! I love the texture of your photos, maybe someday I can try my hand at being more skilled with a camera. Nice to meet your furbabies! Willow is a gem too! We're so glad you found her after she ran away, what a scary experience for both of you.
    Great job working with her though, and thank you for not giving up! <3

    Come on by sometime! Dante is our boxer/bully mix, he's a total lover. We think he's a wise old man reincarnated into a silly little boy, he has beautiful brown eyes that seem to just look deep into your soul. He loves other dogs and being silly, he's a total velcro dog and takes any chance he can to snuggle down into your lap. He's the perfect breed ambassador because he loves anyone he meets.
    Ziva is our previously shy/anxious girl, we've done lots of confidence building with her and are just getting into agility. She's loyal and is my little shadow she follows me around more than Dante and is never one to stray far - even outside. She'll do anything for a tennis ball, and is a wonderful adventure buddy. We call her our golden girl, she has gorgeous golden eyes and golden coat that shines in the sun.

    ~DZ Dogs

  2. Willow looks like a dingo so much that I am pretty sure she would be regarded a dingo if she was running around in the bush here in Australia. I wonder where the meat trade get their dogs from - if the actually catch wild/feral dogs? (that just makes it even worse). Many free roaming dogs in Thailand and other places in Asia look quite like dingoes... and perhaps are dingoes? If she is a dingo, that may help exlain her timidity (along with her experiences of course)... because then she may be a wild animal born in captivity rather than truly domestic.

    One of our dogs i a rescue from a remote village in Australia. We think she may have a bit of dingo in her. She is very, very different from all dogs I've ever known, very independent - almost cat-like, very competent & cautious in the bush. She is generally confident, but vary of strangers and can go in complete panic mode over certain triggers.

    1. Hiya Anna - I don't know if you read my What is She? post, exploring more about what might make her up? Of course, we can't be sure - but I found it interesting researching :)

  3. Your dogs are beautiful! The way you describe them shows that you are so proud to have them in your life. You did a nice photography for Havey and Willows. Their expressions in those photos are quite adorable. Thanks for sharing that, Cora!

    Elvira Mullins @ Anne Nelson Vets

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