Thursday, 8 January 2015

My Favourite things: The Pet Photographer version

Taking in my morning mix of blogs (which is the best way to start the day I reckon) I came across Glogirly's Favourite Things post which had me giggling into my cup of tea. It reminded me of a post I did on my original photography page back in April last year where I'd written a ditty to the same tune: My Favourite things: The Pet Photographer version!

Being a Pet Photographer, you tend to get yourself into all sorts of pickles! Mainly involving mud, slobber and grass stains - it's, quite simply, The Best Job Ever!

So, without further ado - here it be (to the tune of The Sound of Music's Favourite Things)

Curly haired schnauzers and lens licking whippets
Shy pretty lurchers who pose when they’re sitting
Big playful huskies, with bright eyes and smiles
These are the things that make my job worthwhile.

Wet knees and slobber and huge muddy paws
Laying in wet grass to capture it all
Mud stains and grass stains and poo bags galore
There’s nothing I’d rather photograph more!

Watching them play, with their balls and their sticks
Makes up for the hours spent processing the pics!
Eye boogers, mud streaks and playing the fool
What else in this world could I ever do?

When the dog barks, when they ignore me, when they want to poooo!
I simply remember these wonderful things, and know there is nothinggggg I’d raaaaaa-ther dooooo!

Thank you Glogirly for reminding me why I do what I do - because, days like today (it's raining...all kinds of cats and dogs) sometimes makes me wonder why (for like a nano-second!)


  1. I love it!!! And I love those faces that you photographed - so happy!

    1. Thing is - since I posted this, I can't stop singing it!

  2. hahaha we love it!Well done,xx Rachel and Speedy


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