Saturday, 10 January 2015

Review - Ruffwear Webmaster Harness

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With Willow proving she has a touch of the wanderlusts it was so important to find the right harness for her. Her fear in pretty much every situation meant that she managed to wriggle out of each harness we tried. I couldn't risk her running away again, and of course not being able to find a suitable harness meant that walks were limited - which was, quite frankly, sending us all a bit potty.

Sushi's Mum recommended the Ruffwear Webmaster harness. Sushi had to have a leg removed, so a good harness to help support her on walks was a must. Her Mum told me just how good she thought it was - so I ordered one and pinned all my hopes on it - our cabin fever was reaching boiling point - we needed to get out and play!

Ruffwear's products are made with the dedicated outdoor pursuit's dog in mind - for those who love to go on an adventure with their dog and need a product that is safe and reliable even on the most trickiest of terrains. I needed some of that!
Willow wears her Ruffwear harness with a Thundershirt

It's true to say, the Webmaster is not cheap! In fact it was more expensive than all of the harnesses I'd already tried put together - however, I can honestly say this one piece of 'equipment' has already earned all it's pennies back and more in piece-of-mind.

More of a firm shell half-coat, the harness comes with multiple straps which are fully adjustable to ensure a safe and comfortable fit. It's a bit fiddly at first to work out how to adjust (I even had to watch the quick start video to figure it out) but once adjusted, it fitted Willow perfectly.

The real test though - could she escape from it? Ruffwear say that the harness is a "Secure design for even the best 'Houndini' dog" - Willow is most definitely one of them, so we gave it a test run. Now I normally avoid all situations where Willow might have full on panic - however in those early days it was really hard to avoid. Leaves blowing across the ground, car doors, the sound of trees swaying in the wind, even walking through the garden gate sent her into complete melt-down which left her pulling to get away- and it turns out, no matter how much she wriggles, even in her worst panicky moments, the harness stays firmly on allowing me to help her when she gets overwhelmed. The handle to the top of the harness gives me total control and I am able to cope with any fraught situation immediately, calm her - and then move on.

In short the Webmaster harness has been a total blessing for me, and for Willow's rehabilitation - it has allowed me to get out and about with her, which in turn has aided her socialisation and is helping her on the way to being a fully balanced and happy dog.

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  1. We own two of those harnesses. We've used them for our dogs who were nearing the natural ends of their lives and needed help walking. And, our black lab, R, has had multiple elbow surgeries. We use the webmaster after each one to help him walk without hurting himself.

    I'm so glad it's worked for Willow! It's also a little like a Thundershirt, wrapping a fearful dog snugly. I used a Thundershirt extensively with my fearful dog, Shyla, in the first year that she lived with us.

  2. Great review!! :D I love Ruffwear stuff!! We have the front range harness and I'm really wanting to try the webmaster out!

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