Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Great British Dog Walk - Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

During my morning mooch of the internet, I came across this. I love these kind of events - raising awareness and funds for a good cause whilst doing something lovely with your dog.

The Great British Dog Walk is a series of events for all the family organised by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. They will take place throughout the first half of 2015, at nine different locations throughout Britain and will raise awareness and funds for the charity. A great excuse to take in the sights of somewhere beautiful (each event is held at a National Trust site, so you know it's going to be lovely), meet new people and do something nice for others at the same time. Win-win I reckon!

Since its launch 30 years ago, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People have trained over 1,600 dogs to alert children and adults to all sorts of sounds, from door knocks and telephone ringing to sirens and alarms. An invaluable service that builds confidence, encourages independence and provides companionship to those who really need this kind of support. They partner each dog to each person's needs, and they do this for no charge whatsoever. You can read about the incredible positive impact a hearing dog can make on a family here.

Each walk will include; demonstrations from the Hearing Dog for Deaf People Display Team, activities for children as well as meeting and greeting puppies!

To take part in the Great British Dog Walk all you need to do is purchase a ticket (£10 for adults, £5 for children - all money raised goes to the charity) and turn up on the day at the right time and place. Both adults and children receive a goody bag - and even if you don't have a dog, all are welcome.

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