Friday, 23 January 2015

The Lion in a Bobble Hat

Willow isn't the only one with (what some might describe as) irrational fears - Harvey has his quirks too. Like black bin bags, or the concrete German Shepherd that sits at the end of someone's garden on the route of one of our walks - He slinks really low on approach to the concrete beast, rumbling a warning growl as we go past.

But, his latest worry really surprised me, it was the introduction of a new cushion to the sofa. This one:

Just a lion in a bobble hat.

Harvey hates it! He stands staring at it, stretching his body out full to get a sniff  of it, but won't go any closer. The cushion is most definitely an unwelcome addition to our house.

What quirks do your, on the whole, normally well balanced dogs have?

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  1. BOL - wow that is hilarious! My dog also has her moments with an inanimate object from time to time, but once she learns they aren't living she gets over it. A while back, she was out in the yard barking and growling at a trash bag of leaves.

    1. I think the trash bags must be a universal thing! :)

  2. There was this Buddha statue that Mr. N took a disliking to once. Not very zen.

  3. I think it is mostly the smell that dogs object to since their smell is so much better than the eyesight, but with our puny human sense of smell we will never know why.

    1. I think you're right on the whole - but it was deffo the image for this one - as soon as I turned it round he was fine :D


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