Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tuesday's Tails - On the Wings of Love International Dog Rescue

Every Tuesday I’ll be joining in with the Tuesday’s Tails Blog Hop to highlight a rescue dog in need of their forever home.

This week I want to share with you a wonderful rescue On the Wings of Love International Dog Rescue and a special dog they have in their care who is looking for the perfect place to plonk his bum!

On the Wings of Love (OTWOL) was founded by Marjorie Rigby from Lancashire, UK around 2 years ago after rescuing Peggy from the Thai Dog Meat trade. OTWOL’s philosophy is simple:

“Dogs do not know borders. In rescue neither do we. We don’t care if it’s across the street, across the country or across the world – we’ll fight for all of them and help where we can, no matter where they are.”

This is my own philosophy, hence my adoption of Willow.

Meet Jack. He’s looking for his forever home.

Jack was a Romanian street dog before coming over to the UK for rehabilitation by OTWOL. Romanian street dogs are subjected to harsh and often cruel and horrific treatment – Deborah, Mum of Sushi, who I posted about a few weeks ago explains more in her guest blog here.

Jack is a sweet soul. He is two years old, small to medium sized and a true softie. Jack is house trained and lead trained – he is playful but still a little shy – he’s looking for someone to continue helping him come out of his shell.

Jack can get nervous around strangers, but settles easily - he isn’t sure of bigger dogs until he gets used to them - otherwise, he’s good with dogs and chickens – he hasn’t yet been cat tested, but can be (his foster Mum doesn’t think there’ll be any issues).

Because he still quite nervous, Jack is looking for an adult only home or with older children who understand dogs. He does not want to be left alone for long periods of time - and he must have a secure garden to play in.

If you feel you could give Jack his forever home, please do contact On the Wings of Love directly – and don’t forget the other dogs they have available for adoption too. They have all come from some of the toughest environments a dog could endure - they need to find their special love too.

If you need a little reassurance: I can honestly say, I have no regrets whatsoever adopting Willow. She is everything and more I could want in a dog - Jack could be that for you too! 

Keep in touch with On the Wings of Love through their Facebook Page – and their sister page Dogs Saved from the Thai Meat Trade.



With thanks to Dogs n Paws and Talking Dogs for hosting this Blog Hop.

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  1. Jack is precious! Thanks for joining the blog hop and I'm off to share this adorable boy!


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