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Tuesday's Tails - Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

I’m going to be honest, I cried a bit when I read the Team Ilbrey K9 Partners website. Like lots of us, when it comes to dogs in need, I find it really hard to control my emotions - but, when it comes to breeds who have historically been dealt a crappy hand, those emotions multiply until I’m a big soggy mess and I get the urge to write about them.

Founded in 2011 by Kerry Newman, Team Ilbrey K9 Partners are a UK rescue organisation specialising in bull breeds. The unconditional dedication the partners have for these beautiful breeds, the very breeds that often get overlooked in shelters the world over, hit me right in the heart and that’s why they’re today’s Tuesday Tail.

How it began

Kerry has always had a real love for bull breeds, and by the age of 19 was a fully-fledged Mum to American Bulldog Macey. Her Team Ilbrey journey began in 2011 when a dog in need unexpectedly crossed paths with her. “Little did we know that night our world was going to change.” She said.
Kerry’s husband Dave, a heavy recovery driver, had been called out to a broken down vehicle. The driver who needed help was frantically making calls trying to find a placement for a dog in need – it was due to be put to sleep and the situation was grave. Dave knew what he had to do.

Baxter a Mastiff Labrador cross - where it all began

“He knew I wasn’t NOT going to help.” Kerry said – and that’s just what she did. Kerry and Dave agreed to take the dog, named Baxter, in until he was found a new home. But within two days Kerry realised she had failed as a fosterer – she was going to keep Baxter forever. Very soon after a second dog needed help…and this is of course where it all began.

The Pledge

Team Ilbrey makes a pledge to all dogs that come through their care. Put simply, their promise is to honour, help, love and respect every dog, not just for the time they are with them in rescue, but for life.
With partners and fosterers around the country, Team Ilbrey support the needs of stray and kennel dogs (‘poundies’), and where they can they also help find loving homes too for dogs whose owners can no longer care for them.

Chance, an American Bulldog, with injuries from being used as a bait dog, on arrival at Team Ilbrey, and now happy in his forever home.

It’s hard work, unbelievably hard - bull breeds have had their reputation ripped apart by a minority of people, which has led to them being overlooked in kennels for re-homing. But the fact is, they can be just as soppy, loveable and loyal as any other dog if they are just given the chance and placed with the right people - that’s part of the promise that Team Ilbrey K9 Partners make; all dogs are matched with prospective owners based on their own individual needs and, if necessary, the team has a behaviourist on hand at all times to deal with any behavioural issues that might arise.

Zeus a Presa Canero cross - who's been in rescue for over two years now and still searching for his forever home.

How you can help

You can help them too - everyone can do something, here’s a few ideas:

Go to the Team Ilbrey Facebook page, like it and then share it with your friends
Make a donation if you can (email: k9partners@gmail.com for details of how to)
Offer help with transporting dogs
- Sponsor a kennel for £7 a month
Apply to adopt from them
Apply to become a fosterer
Apply to become a home-checker
Donate needed items, such as blankets, food, towels, beds (drop them line to find out their current donation needs: k9partners@gmail.com)

Tonka, a staffie who spent 2 years in rescue to finally find his forever home by the beach on the Isle of Wight

“These dogs need a voice, and that’s what we are here for. Some of these dogs are in a cold dark pound kennel, no one knowing they exist – it’s K9 Partners job to make sure people are aware of these dogs and give them every chance to find the perfect home.”

All power to you K9 Partners.

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  1. A truly wonderful story. It's so painful that so many dogs end up in cold dark kennels, forgotten. I'm glad that some of them are saved and loved by this team.

    1. A small rescue doing big things - it's inspirational isn't it :)

  2. Great post about a wonderful rescue group (and a cause near and dear to my heart.) Sharing.

  3. What a great organization. And how excellent that they work routinely with a behaviorist. That is so key for any stray dog to get help learning how to live comfortable in a home.

    1. It really is isn't it - I also admire the support for life, I feel this helps the process so much if new adopters know they have someone to lean on when (if) the chips are ever down

  4. I think part of the problem is that some rescues make terrible or inappropriate placements of these dogs. At least that is what seems to happen around here. I think it is great that this group stresses the need to make the correct placement.

  5. What a wonderful organization... Bless them for helping to make a difference in the lives of these dear animals.

  6. A truly amazing rescue who are very dedicated to the dogs they rescue.... Reading this has reduced me to tears especially seeing chance again :-) I myself adopted an amazing and extremely loving dog from them and also helped them rehome 3 dogs on the Isle of Wight one of which we actually fostered x zoe cox

  7. Wow! Thank you for introducing this organization to me. Very moving.

  8. What a great organization! Thanks for sharing and joining the Tuesday's Tails Blog Hop! Am sharing.


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