Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Walk Your Dog Month

January is Walk your Dog month – a perfect month for this after the 14 tons of mince pies and Roses chocolates you’ve consumed over the previous 30 days (no? Just me?) There’s no better time to get yourself moving. In fact, it was one of my New Year’s resolutions, “Get fitter with my dogs” I said. Well, I’m not doing a bad job of it so far (granted, it's only been 13 days, but it's a start)  – there’s still room for improvement, and 14 tons of mince pies and Roses takes a while to shift after all.

This is how a typical walk with Harvey goes. It starts off a lot like this:

The begging and pleading – the “I haven’t been out for a walk for a whole hour, you must HATE me” look. The “Could I look any more walk-worthy?” gaze. You know that look, we've all seen it.

So, we get going down to the beach - a brief walk through the park might allow for a tiny bit of break-dancing - you know, just to get the walk juices flowing - the beach needs preparing for you see...

...then on to the beach, Harvey's Favourite Place in the Whole Wide World, for a bit of a dip...

...and a spot of stone gathering...

...and some sand gathering...

...and me demanding he "get-back-in-the-blimmin-sea-you-are-NOT-setting-paw-in-the-house-with-all-that-on-you-you-big-hairy-lump."

To this (and variations of it). The sheer peaceful joy of walking and playing and making the most of our favourite thing; being together - there's nothing else quite like it.


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  1. Harvey is SO cute!! I love your photos!! That beach looks gorgeous! My dogs don't swim but they do what we call "kerplunking" where they splash around in it up to their hocks or so. LOL

  2. You are a beautiful dog Harvey! Wonderful photographs of you taken by your adoring human.

  3. Hehehe what a fun loving chap,xx Speedy

  4. Brown dawgs are so jealous of the swimming. We just have ice...phooey!


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