Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wednesday with Willow - The Beach Monster

Willow takes us on an Instagram walkabout.

What is this witchcraft and why is she making me walk on it? I. Do. Not. Like.

I do love her, but she insists we walk every day and I’d much rather stay at home with my toys and my Harvey. She says if I don’t do the walking, my body will get all wobbly like her legs and I'll be unfit. Unfit sounds perfectly fine to me, and her legs aren’t that bad – well…they wouldn’t win a Pretty Polly award that's for sure, but they’re functioning, they do the job, and that’s all that’s needed, no?

So, we do the Walk of Dread to the beach – just the very sight of it sends the shivers down me – and then she speaks to me in that daft voice that she knows I can’t resist and I follow her…to my DOOM!

Things I don’t like about the beach:

But she insists I might like…given time.

I gave it a go:

Nope. Not for me.

Harvey sees this big mass of wet stuff and runs headlong and gleefully into it without a care in the world - and I know he's a bit special, I'm fully aware he's one biscuit short of a barrel - but try as I might, I do not get it. Wet stuff = cold, and there's another thing I Do Not Like.

The view's quite nice, I'll give her that. There are some acceptable smells too - that green slimy stuff makes me want to stick my nose in it and snuffle it down the beach if only I wasn't always on the look out for monsters - but as there is indeed important monster watching to be done, the slimy stuff doesn't really count in the (non-existent) list of what I do like about the beach.

I wish we could delete the beach from the walk schedule - She says we have to come at least once a week because Harvey loves it so and it will be good for me to see people and other dogs playing, but we'll do it slowly and from a distance.

Maybe one day I'll learn to love it just as much as Harvey does. She says when I do we'll all go swimming together - swimming helps Harvey's poorly legs stay strong, he's quite good at it actually, but I think She's going to have to get me some armbands and a blow-up ring thing I can wear round my waist, because I haven't even got my 5 metre swimming certificate yet.

Yes, it if helps my Harvey, then I might...when the monsters leave...give the swimming thing a go.

Until then I'll just have to take it little by little won't I. That's what Mum keeps saying. One paw at a time. And there's always the woods. That's where I'm really happy.

Mum asked me to tell you about our Instagram and that you can follow us over there too if you like. She's not very good at it yet - she only really discovered how to use her Iphone properly at Christmas you know - she's always late to the party she says.

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  1. Awe!! That looks like a lovely walk!!

  2. You are such a brave pooch Willow. One day, the beach will mean only fun for you. Honest!

  3. Brown dawgs are very jealous of the beach. :) Thanks for the link to your Instagram.

  4. Love you Willow ,just looking at you makes me want to scoop you up and cuddle you ! maybe we can all chase those monsters away for ever one day soon !

  5. Don't be afraid of the beach! Humans pay big bucks just to put their toes in the sand. :)

  6. You are so brave, Willow. Talk to my Shyla - you might end up liking some of the places that are filled with monsters now. The beach looks beautiful to me.

  7. Be brave Willow! The beach can be soo much fun! :-)


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