Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wednesday With Willow

Mum's decided that Wednesdays will be the day I take over - she said she's got stuff like photo-editing and booooring admin to do - and would I mind awfully being a good girl and chatting with you.

Of course I don't mind! I'm getting good at this socialising thing...for those who don't know, I'm everso new to it, and beginning to understand there's not monsters absolutely everywhere.

I'll tell you about these photos shall I?

After our long walk to the beach and backMum decided to get the camera out and do a mini photoshoot with me. I'm not really comfortable with being in front of the camera to tell the truth...but was willing to give it a go.

I felt a bit awkward at first...Mum said I was sitting as if I had a pole up my bum (rood!)

But it made her giggle - and I like to see her laugh - so we'll let her off. She also said I should relax a bit and smile for the camera - so I did...

OK - so I wasn't that relaxed - but we were getting there, and it takes a girl time to warm up a bit doesn't it.

Then something awful happened - she started to sing! If you've ever heard my Mum sing, you'll know she's no Paloma Faith and if I had fingers I'd have shoved them in my ears it was that bad. There was nothing else I could do but start singing too. Mum thought I was being cute and singing with her - I wasn't - I was just trying to stop the local cat population gathering outside.

I did my Elvis impression...

...and it all got a bit silly!

Silly's good - I like silly loads. 

I'm good at serious too though - Look.

That's a serious face if ever I saw one.

We carried on chatting and Mum carried on taking pictures, and I began to relax and soak up the sun (there's not nearly enough of that in this country is there?) 

And then it was done! It wasn't so bad after all. I got lots of treats, Mum's 100% attention and something to talk with you about on my first ever Wednesday with Willow. I think I did OK don't you? I can get used to this.

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  1. Willow, you're such a good model. I hope you relax even more so we can enjoy more great pictures.

    My husband puts little pieces of liverwurst on top of the camera sometimes when he's taking pictures of Honey. I makes looking at the camera a little more exciting. And smelly.

    BTW, every Wednesday BlogPaws hosts a blog hop for people to show off their pictures. Maybe you want to join the fun? It's a good way to meet other bloggers.

    Here's the link:

  2. Thank you Pamela, we'll check it out :)

  3. Absolutely incredible shots...such depth of emotion from one so young and inexperienced at the modeling game.

    1. She's such a beauty and a real softy - we're getting there slowly but surely :)

  4. What a cutie you are Willow! Welcome to Blogville.

    1. I think she's going to enjoy being here :D

  5. These pics made my day Willow ,You are so beautiful !

    1. Well, that's made my day making your day :D

  6. No doubt about it, Willow. You're a born canine model! You are a gorgeous girl with a wonderful smile. I loved the singing part!!!

    1. We're often hammering out a toon or two ;) She's an absolute delight and learning every day that things are a whole heap better now :)

  7. Hello Willow! I think that you are a natural in front of the camera and you certainly made me feel welcomed. Tell your mom you were outstanding!

  8. Beautiful photos!! Way to go Willow you're a real beauty queen!! :-) I especially loved the tongue shot!


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