Sunday, 8 February 2015

Black & White Sunday - Willow makes me run, and Simba

Into the second week of February and I can't fathom where the time's gone! Before you know it, it'll be Christmas again (you're welcome). It's been one of 'those' weeks, where I think I might have met myself coming back.

We've done well this week, Willow and I. There's been a few steps back too - but the forwards and the back's are now cancelling out each other. We're at some kind of equilibrium and I'm taking it as a massive plus.

We did some running on the beach - nearly killed me it did, I'm really not built for running - but her tail shot up and curled round, which made me do a dance-of-joy. Lords only know what the general public think of me when they see us together - I'm sure they think I'm totally bonkers...and I've an inkling they'd be quite right. Anyway she started off after a couple of seagulls (me thanking all the known gods that she was on a long leash, and that I didn't have to quite keep up with her).

She thought this was great fun until she tried it with a ruddy great big black rook who stood his ground and flapped his wings in her face in sheer defiance. I'm sure if she could speak human she'd have apologised humbly whilst curtseying in retreat. She's such a sweet soul, doesn't want to harm anything - but I know she'd love the chase, and I'd so love to see her run with all the gay abandon that gay abandon can bring - alas, she's not quite ready and Mr Rook was having none of it either - my poor unfit-not-used-to-running lungs thanked him for that (and of course I don't want to encourage her to chase flappy or furry things, we were just experiencing this 'new' concept together.)

Without further ado - to the second black and white image of today: This is Simba. A beautiful boy who was inches away from being put to sleep. I fall head over heels for pretty much every animal I photograph - but Simba was something else. Such a beautiful kind boy who just needed someone to understand him...he found that person and is now thriving.

So today is dedicated to him. To Simba - may we always laugh in the face of those who have no faith in canine-kind.

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  1. Oh, beautiful Willow! Can just see the sight of the two of you running along the beach. Both of you filled with joy (even if the human of the two was gasping for breath!).

    And the handsome Simba - he deserved the best, such a wonderful dog! Understanding his need and his fears - those are all that was needed.

  2. Great photos! Thank goodness Simba was saved! We are a running family, Mom love running with dogs more than anything and in Germany we used to run with her on the just trails, but running is so fun and such a great quick workout.

  3. Simba, so glad that you found your forever home! What a beautiful boy you are!

  4. Two gorgeous photos of two beautiful dogs. Ma just started running for exercise; I can run but not with little legs cannot keep up after a while. I am glad Simba found a forever home.

  5. Simba is a beautiful boy. So glad he found the right caregiver.

  6. Beautiful photos!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  7. Any photo of a happy dog is perfect but Simba looks just great in black and white.

  8. Hi Y'all!

    I can just see that rook! Heavens to Betsy! and gee golly Miss Molly!

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  9. Running on the beach sounds heavenly to me! So glad gorgeous Simba got saved :-)

  10. Simba is gorgeous! Glad he found a good home. I can't keep up with Mr. N which is why we work on his recall so he can run by himself!

  11. Beautiful photography. I am so glad Simba survived and is thriving. It sounds like you had an interesting week. :)

    I'm not made for running either!

  12. I'm happy for Simba. ☺ I'd enjoy just strolling along the beach. It sounds lovely.

  13. Mom is glad she subscribed to your feed--she loves seeing your beautiful pictures.

    Abby Lab

  14. She is such a sweetheart! And Simba is beautiful!

  15. Sweet Willow - who will find her wild running side with time (it sounds like she already has that side but doesn't have the freedom to use it yet!).

    And, to Simba. Wonderful. I'm so glad you found the right human.


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