Sunday, 15 February 2015

Crufts Tickets Winners

Thank you all so much for entering the Crufts ticket competition. After much scrabbling around this morning (I was trying to get Willow to choose two entries by picking them out of a dog bowl - I had these visions of wonderful images to go with the announcement, but then Harvey swooped in thinking it was food and stole an entry, knocked the rest over the floor and it all went into pandemonium!)

So, with my amazing powers of deduction I managed to figure out that Harvey's choice (which he'd slobbered all over!) is: 

Bethan John

Willow's choice...which she had her paw on after the whole fiasco is:

Jen Huntley

I love that this was Willow's choice as it is because of Jen I have Willow in my life! Serendipity at its best I say!

Congrats you guys, you've won tickets for you and a friend to visit Crufts for any two days of your choice. I will be in touch for addresses to send to. 

If you would like to buy tickets for the Biggest Dog Show in the World, please click here.


  1. Congratulations to the winners! That will be so much fun to go to!

  2. Congrtulations to the winners,xx Rachel

  3. congratulations to the winners! We just signed up to follow you! Thanks for your comment on Dakota's blog today! and


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