Friday, 13 February 2015

Dog Photographer of the Year Winners Announced

Winners of the Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year were announced this week. As a pet photographer myself I was really interested to see the winning entries (this of course has nothing to do with me entering and not being placed – I was robbed guvnor!) Seriously, with all joking aside – the winning images are just stunning.

This year there were 13,000 participants from over 60 countries entering images to the seven categories; Man’s Best Friend, Portrait, Puppy, Dogs at Play, Assistance Dogs & Dog Charities, Dogs at Work, and the Under 18 category “I love dogs because…”

Overall winner, and winner of the Dogs at Work category was photographer Steph Gibson from Australia. Her image was of her own working dog Hullaboo Swing Rider, or just Swing to his friends. Swing is a Texas born Australian Shepherd and the winning image shows him working his sheep at Sunset. Simply beautiful!

© Steph Gibson/The Kennel Club

Steph, who’s two great loves are both dogs and photography says:

“To have one’s passions collide together like this is truly one of life’s wonderful moments.”

The Puppy category’s winning image was taken by Cat Race (love that name) from Lancashire with her picture of a Great Dane puppy having the time of his life.

© Cat Race/The Kennel Club

The Dog Portrait winner was Grzegorz Gebik from Poland with his gorgeous black and white close-up of a Whippet.

© Grzegorz Gebik/The Kennel Club

Other category winners were Brazil’s Carlos Aliperti, whose heart-melting image of his wife embracing their collie is just beautiful.  Art Burasz from London and his fun image of a boxer and friends making the most of their time with a football. Ruud Lauritson from the Netherlands with his touching image of a neighbours chocolate Labrador taking some time-out from duties in the Assistance Dogs & Charities Category, and last (but not least) 16 year old Abbie Lee from Bristol who won the Under 18s category with a picture of her Airedale Terrier waiting patiently for a big juicy sausage!

Thoroughly deserved winners I say. You can see the rest of the winning images by clicking here.

Better luck next year for me - there are so many wonderful photographers, it's always fun to take part in these competitions, if nothing else, they inspire the heck out of you! 

These were my entries this year:

Dogs at Play


Man's Best Friend


Assistance Dogs & Charities

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  1. While those winning photos are gorgeous, I like yours better! That great dane puppy looks so depressed. LOL!

  2. Oh I love you! hehe, the fiver's in the post ;) One year I'll get placed, hopefully :)

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