Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tuesday's Tails: Sled Dog Support Network (SSN)

Following on from yesterday’s Malamute breed history I wanted to highlight for Tuesday’s Tail, the work of the Sled Dog Support Network.

Often it is the looks of sled type dogs (also known as Northern breeds) that draw people in to buy them. Of course, looks alone are not a good reason to purchase any animal. Many Northern breeds end up in rescue due to owners not understanding their dog’s basic needs, and more are euthanised through no fault of their own because of this lack of understanding.

A sled dog by nature is an active dog. They were originally bred to work and were the ‘right hand man’ to their people – aiding them to exist in some of the most extreme environments man can endure.

Miro, one of the many dogs helped by SSN

Sled Dog Support Network (SSN) are a small South West based rescue that operates throughout the UK. Their objectives are to raise awareness of, and educate people on Northern Breeds, whilst offering advice where needed. They highlight dogs requiring rescue back-up, arrange transportation, re-home and support all of their adopters and fosterers for the remainder of the dog’s life. 

SSN believe that the key to reducing numbers in rescue is to highlight issues such as irresponsible breeding, whilst promoting lifetime commitment to pets.

Barney, another one of SSN's success stories

SSN are entirely volunteer run, relying on donations from the public to continue the work they do – all funds raised go directly back into the rescue. They are also committed to assisting other rescues by working collaboratively for the benefit of all dogs needing help.

Chrissy Buck, Co-founder of SSN says “We welcome new members and volunteers so that we may continue to help the vast quantities of abandoned, abused and unwanted Northern Breed dogs, and their mixes, in the UK, and to secure them happy homes for the future.”

If you’d like to find out more about SSN, or see the dogs they have in the care looking for new homes, pop over to their Facebook page.

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  1. What a great organization! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice information! Active sled dogs should only be adopted into environments that can provide them the proper lifestyle and support. Looks like SSN offers some help towards that end. *wags* - Gilligan from WagsAhoy.com

  3. Such a wonderful organization. I agree with Gilligan that these working dogs should be adopted by people who are aware of the needs of the breed. It is great that SSN provides education and outreach, along with their rescue and adoption services.

  4. They are stunning and that group sounds wonderful. You sure have a nice blog!

  5. Such a great organization; it's sad but most people do end up getting their pets based on looks alone. Or falling in love with a certain breed. I think they quickly realize what they've gotten themselves into when they're unable to provide the amount of exercise and stimulation these guys need. Thank goodness for rescues like this; it makes it so easy for potential adopters to know where to turn.

  6. Sounds like a great organization! Thanks for sharing.


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