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There are so many wonderful dog photographers in the world, and the very essence of why most choose this field of work is their natural affinity with Man’s Best Friend. Many work with rescues and animal charities and some work tirelessly to highlight animal welfare.

As a pet photographer with Animal Rights high on my agenda, I've a natural interest in other dog photographers - a few years ago I sat with a cuppa, casually browsing Youtube, searching for inspiration as I often do, and was thrown into the world of Jimena Hoyos’ Gozques:

You can see part two (The Feeding Station) herepart three (The Dogs) here and part 4 (More behind the scenes) here.

Jimena is an actress and photographer from Colombia and she is passionate about dogs. Colombia has a massive problem with street dogs. With a critical overpopulation, coupled with a lack of respect by many for these animals - very little is offered in the care of them and the control of their numbers. Many are abused, hurt in traffic and left to fend for themselves.

…the conditions they’re living in is just barbaric, and people just walk through like nothing is going on.” 
Jimena was compelled to do something about it and created Gozques,  a charity to care for the street dogs of Colombia and beyond.

“Gozques” translated is ‘Mutt’. It's not a belittling term, Jimena's interpretation is filled with love and a deep compassion for the dogs she spends time with, and I was mesmerised by her work. Jimena’s photography style and her kindness to the animals she photographs really touched my heart – and if it was inspiration I was seeking, then I’d found it by bucket full.

Jimena captures the soul of them.

Using materials she finds in scrapyards and around the dog’s environment, Jimena constructs frames for her images to bring home just what each dog endures. Using all kinds of materials - the frame continues the story of the image.

“I create in my head a oneness between the picture, the frame and where he’s [the dog] living.”

Each sale of a picture buys another bag of food for the dogs.


Gozques’ most recent campaign is the X NO CHAINS X project to raise awareness of the conditions many dogs and other animals bear – no animal should be in chains and the charity calls for all who care to stand together to end animal cruelty.

In short, Gozques wants to stop the starvation of street dogs and to spay as many as possible to help control numbers and ease their suffering. It seems such simple goal, but it’s an uphill struggle – one that can be overcome though - with a lot of love and support.

“…I love what I do – I'm so passionate about this…I want to educate people, and I try to do this with my pictures.”

Help homeless animals by buying a print of one of Jimena’s street dogs here

Or support the X NO CHAINS X campaign and buy a bracelet at Ramona La Rue by Arianne (shipping worldwide) here. Proceeds help feed more dogs.

You can also send a picture of you wearing your bracelet to the Gozques Facebook page.

Together we can all make a difference.


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  1. I've seen a lot of these pictures by this wonderful photographer and have been moved to tears knowing what a hard life they lead,what a struggle to survive day to day .I am full of respect and admiration for her now I realise exactly what her ultimate goal is .

  2. Before seeing Jimena's photographs and reading about her work, a few years ago, I knew little of the tireless work various people were carrying out over the world. Since then, more and more of her success through hearbreak has been shown. I congratulate her for her unending perseverance in trying to educate people and care for all the animals she has contact with. I congratulate you, Cora, for identifying this lady and telling us of her wonderful work through your educational and beautiful writing.

  3. Beautiful photography. That is such a sad state that those dogs live in.. Thank you for sharing her information.

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