Monday, 2 February 2015

Murphy's Army March to Raise Awareness of Dog Theft in Great Britain

Speaking from experience, as a dog owner, having your dog go missing is truly harrowing. Believing them to have been stolen; not knowing where they are, who they've ended up with and what those people intend on doing with your dog must be agonising. I was one of the lucky ones, and found Willow after 6 days, but for others – their search and heartache continues.


The search for missing Siberian Husky Murphy has reached huge proportions with his theft being discussed in the House of Commons and on mainstream news channels. The coverage of his story has not only bought the plight of his search to the forefront of public awareness, but is also doing amazing things in the fight against dog theft in Great Britain.

Murphy went missing during a walk with his owner, Andy Smith, on Thursday 4th December 2014 in Bradford. A witness later saw Murphy being put into a car by two men. Murphy’s story quickly went viral, with teams of dog lovers arranging search parties to help find him. 

Murphy’s Facebook page has now reached nearly 37,000 supporters and whilst it is primarily a source for those interested in his story to join together, find out the status of the search and what they can do to help – the page has organically grown to help many other missing dogs reunite with their owners, and is now the centre of an ever-growing campaign to raise awareness of dog theft.

Natalie Danson, a member of Murphy’s Army (a term coined for those supporting the search) wanted to do something to raise awareness of dog theft in the UK and began organising the Murphy’s Army Great British Dog Walk.

At 1pm on 28th March 2015 dog lovers are invited to walk a mile. With Murphy as the face of the campaign, these mile walks are being organised throughout Great Britain. There are 33 areas currently covered (London, Norfolk, Leeds, Bournemouth and the Isle of Wight being just a few). The event is to be a peaceful ‘march’ by dog lovers who all want to see the end of dog theft and Murphy bought home to his owner where he belongs.

If you would like to get involved and show your support to the campaign, please join Murphy's Army the Great Britain Dog Walk, to find out where your local walk is being held.

The Facebook search page: Get Murphy Home Facebook page.

The Twitter search: @findmurphyhusky

Murphy is four years old and a distinctive looking dog. He is mainly white with brown patches. He is chipped and neutered and there is a substantial reward for his return. If you know of Murphy's whereabouts or have any information, you can contact his owner Andy, in the strictest of confidence (no questions asked) on 07759 851 895.

“We are Murphy’s Army…hear us howl.”


  1. A brilliant idea. I shall certainly be walking my mile!

  2. Murphy's owners must be heartbroken. We're in the US but I hope he comes home soon!

  3. I can't imagine how worried Murphy's family must be.

    In truth, I've thought of getting a puppy door for Honey. But I'm terrified that someone would come and take her out of the yard.


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