Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Rant

Public Information Announcement: This post is one big moan. I can’t make an apology, as I do believe this world is mildy scattered with some complete and utter dingbats that sometimes, when I let my guard down, press all my irky buttons – that happened today.

As I sit here, it’s 11:30am. I'm at my big old dining table looking at various ephemera that Willow has bought me over the past 24 hours. Three…no four, stones from the garden, something that looks suspiciously like what might have been part of a wicker basket that I must go and investigate, a paper heart she found in my Room of Doom (sometimes known as the Studio) that I used for my Valentine’s photo-shoot with gorgeous Buttons, and a pair of headphones from my bedside table that she felt I needed urgently. Maybe she’s not so into the 70s/80s music I've been belting out this morning? Note to Self: Educate Willow on the joys of the The Clash.

Harvey is busy staring at me. He’s already been tutored (tortured?) in my taste in music. He’s staring at me because the plate that held my late morning peanut butter on toast breakfast is still sat on my big old dining table, and he thinks there’s still some on it. I'm not falling for his ‘poor and starving dog’ look - because of course he’s not, he had an altogether far more substantially nutritional breakfast than I did. He’s being typical spaniel, all ears and eyes and cripes I do love him, and I love these moments, just me and the dogs.

But I'm feeling a little…well, underwhelmed with life today. Which isn't really like me.

I chose to immerse myself in the world of animals – companion animals to be more specific. It’s where I feel safe and the only part of life where I feel I excel. Always loving animals, I never got a chance to concentrate on a career with them in my younger days. I had to get a job, any job, to pay the bills. So I did and I've been on many wonderful journeys and experienced some massive highs and lows throughout my early career – all things that build character and help you learn – but it’s only now, later in life (I'm 41) that I've been given the fantastic opportunity to do just what I've always wanted to do; work with animals – and I'm truly thankful for that. But for me, working with animals, also means working for them. If I'm going to do it, I want to do it right, and as with all things there two sides. Where there’s good, there’s bad – and I do feel that both need to be tackled equally.

I'm one of those all or nothing people. Either commit or walk away – and the very act of committing myself to my chosen lifestyle creates a constant battle within me. One that, at times…just like today – leave me deflated.

Because, it’s not all filled with fluffy bums and playful slobber. Being part of the animal world, especially when Animal Rights are high on your agenda, is sad. It’s heart-breaking. It hurts. For those who truly respect animals it’s a difficult road to walk. Because, every single day you see incredible stories of people saving lives; tiny precious lives that some would just walk past…but equally you see people just wiping those lives out with no thought.

But I'm just a pet photographer who writes about pet related things you might say. Why am I getting my knickers in a twist? Yes, I am just a photographer and blogger – and much of my time is spent with animals who are truly adored. The very reason someone commissions me to take pictures of their animals is because those animals are loved.  And, being a writer, I suppose I could choose to only write about the soft and fluffy, and ignore all the horror that goes on. But, I can’t. I cannot ignore the destruction of life.

Today my mood on waking up shifted from “Gawds, look at this glorious day, intit lovely!” to bleurgh in the space of about three minutes, and it was due to one singular comment someone made with such authority and force – that frankly, had I not known better, I’d have believed. For this rant, it doesn't really matter about what the comment was about – it’s more about the principle. This comment came from such a blinkered and uneducated stance that I felt all the hard work that was done by many people to highlight the issue, had been undone in one swoop of misguided ignorance…
…and the cycle continues.

There are those that are fighting ‘the cause’, some are truly horrific causes that many people just want to turn a blind eye to and ignore, because it creates too much heartache to see, to witness – if we blinker ourselves we don’t feel the pain – and I understand that, I truly understand why some people do that. We all have enough going on in our loves that we can’t possibly take on any more or we’d just implode.

But, there are people who will take it upon themselves to see it, to witness it and then fight against it with every ounce of their being. They inform themselves, make sure they know the facts, and some will go on and campaign about it, raise money for it, work hands on with it, write about it, or photograph it in a bid to help end such horrors.

And then there are those who will come in and destroy the very foundations of good work with one flippant fanatic comment, and it’s that which has today sparked my down mood.

What gives anyone the right to walk over others in any capacity? Opinion is great, debate is crucial – but to openly and without being armed with the right and proper information make critical comment with no understanding of the issue truly, truly irks me – because it’s these people who actually cause real damage, put roadblocks in the way, and make those who want to make a positive difference have to jump through unnecessary hoops and do back-flips, when what they’re doing is already hard enough without added needless pressure.

There’ll always be good and bad in every single walk of life, I do know that. That’s how the world turns I suppose. But sometimes (OK, quite often) it flicks my switch and I want to kick against it. There is nothing more precious than life – all life. There is no argument,  in my very humble opinion and I find it so difficult to interact with, or even give breathing space to those who believe we have a god-given right to hurt, destroy and abuse it. "It's only a dog." Really? I'm sorry 'sir' but I really don't have time for you.

Tomorrow’s another day – and I’ll wake to my mad dogs, their waggy tails and I'll likely write some sort of drivel to illustrate just how much I bloody well love them, and put today behind me – time wasted on fools is wasted time after all, isn't it?


  1. With you all the way Cora my dear like minded friend ,on days when i feel like i am banging my head against a brick wall ,i think of all the wonderful charities and little people who work so hard and give so much to the cause of animal welfare . I'm one of the little people ,i can't make a massive difference when the job is so huge ,but i will do what i can until the day i die ,I am totally committed ,like you . As you wisely say ...Time wasted etc .

  2. There are those who live in this world, whose only aim each day is to remain ignorant, abuse, cause pain, be greedy, because they haven't the intellect to research, question, investigate those wrongs which human beings are inflicting upon each other and any other living being.

    Please remain as dedicated to highlighting items which can be rectified through hard-work and dedication - for we know you will never publish a fact or statement unless truly researched. Also, we know, that you are truthful and will not play the game of sensationalism - as many others love to revel in.

  3. "Only a dog" is the worst phrase in the world. If that was part of your day, I understand why you are feeling down.


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