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Review - Anicura Shampoo & Conditioner for Dogs

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Whilst Harvey really doesn't mind having a bath, it's probably on the lower end of the List of Things He LikesTo Do - but he needed one, badly: Fox poo, beach detritus, mud and other things he'd collected on his many journeys meant it was time.

This is the look he gave me throughout (can you hear them tiny violins?)

Anicura sent me some samples of their shampoo and conditioner - both are pitched for dogs who have scaly and itchy skin - whilst Harvey doesn't suffer from either, I liked that this formula is made up of natural ingredients and is perfectly OK to use as a general shampoo and conditioner - so we gave them a go:

With some gravy bone bribage Harvey let me know all was OK and we went ahead. 

The main thing I want when I'm bathing the dogs is that I can do it quickly with the least faffage possible.

My first impression was that the bottles are really sturdy. They're thicker and squatter than your average shampoo bottle, so they don't topple and fall into the bath/on the floor - a definite plus point, with no faffing with picking up bottles to get the product out; just put on bath side, pump and you're off. The nozzle is nice and big too which is a bonus.

Next thing was the smell. I'm rather a fan of natural flower oil scents and much prefer them to the clinical/synthetic aromas of other dog shampoos - if my dog is going to smell of anything other than dog, then natural smells'll do me.

The shampoo is very lavendery (said to soothe eczema, be antiseptic and anti-inflammatory). Other natural oils included are; Calendula (anti-bacterial, helps treat infections), Safflower (to condition), Sea Buckthorn (soothing, and gives the coat a shine) and Roman Chamomile (soothing and calming).

The cleansers used in it are derived from coconut oil which is well tolerated by sensitive skin types.

I like a bit of bubble when I shampoo the dogs - a good foam, which this shampoo doesn't give. But, this doesn't mean it's not doing the job - there is no evidence that more bubble = cleaner. In order for me to get the bubble I like, I did use more than was probably necessary.

After application, the product rinsed off beautifully.

On to the conditioner:

The conditioner soaked well into Harvey's curly coat, allowing me to massage him with smooth strokes which he just loves.

It has a more earthy smell with Tea Tree overtones and I was concerned at the use of the Tea Tree in the product.* However, after speaking with Anicura about my concerns, they provided me with more information regarding its concentration within the product, which is 0.2%. Suggested safe levels for products of this type is between 0.1 and 1% and has been found to be beneficial treating fungal infections, skin irritation and as a flea deterrent - many swear by its use for itchiness in dogs.

What I'd like to see included on the ingredients label of both products is the concentration levels of all oils used to help consumers make an informed decision and know they are purchasing a product that is safe to use on their pets.

The conditioner really did condition and I was able to remove most of Harvey's tangles using my fingers whilst rinsing it off.

And, when he dried off, his coat was the most well conditioned it has ever been (not just saying that!)  In fact, Harvey's groomer asked what I'd used, because the clippers "...went through his fur like a hot knife through butter." and she wanted to get some for her dogs.

In conclusion - I was really impressed with both products. Really liked the smell, loved the condition of Harvey's coat and the products have helped substantially with grooming.

You can find out more about Anicura here.

It's a 4 out of 5 star rating for Anicura Shampoo and Conditioner for Dogs.

*Please Note: Tea Tree oil should never been ingested and should only be applied to dogs as a highly diluted solution. Whilst it does have its benefits, Tea Tree toxicity in dogs can cause paralysis and can be fatal if not used correctly. If in doubt, always check with your vet.

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  1. I'm going to try the products as they sound that they not only do the job but my dog will be left smelling beautifully instead of institutionally. Thank you for this blog.

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