Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Wednesday with Willow - Running Therapy

Hello Willowinas!

It's been a while. I'm still here. Peeing on carpets and annoying Harvey like any good little Sister would.

Actually, to be fair, I am peeing on carpets less and less these days. 

Things are good. I'm doing well. I still get scared of everything, but it's gone from a 10 to maybe a 7 now.

Mum reckons I'm a bit like a tightly wound spring and, because it's not safe to run free at the moment (in case I get spooked) it's difficult for me to get all this energy that messes with my brain-head out. I'm all of a dither, and I get the terrible wind up my bum at about 11pm when I have to run, and do several 'Circuits of Joy' of the house. I'd do more, but Mum's worried about the noise and the neighbours (ruins all my fun she does.)

So she asked if any of her running friends would be happy to run with me.

You see, when I run - like really fast, I forget all the scary. It goes, I don't know where...

As we've discussed before, Mum's not really built for athletics - unless of course it's the Cake Eating Olympics, she'd win that paws down.

But she's been trying. Love her. Running up and down the beach with me in an effort to give my spring a chance to unwind. It's somewhat embarrassing seeing her galumphing down the beach, but you know, 10/10 for effort Mum.

That's when my Auntie Liz stepped in. She said I could go running with her and her dogs.

This is Liz, me and Cocoa the Cocker just behind me - look at all my happy.

I didn't really know what was going on at first. I always walk and run with Mum so it was odd not being with her - I had to stop sometimes to check she was OK.

And - whilst I was busy doing all the running, Harvey took some time to collect stones for when, you know, we get the next stone shortage.

Look at my lovely Harvey

I enjoyed the running lots. But we reckon I needed about 2 more hours of solid sprinting to get all the aaarggghh out. 

There's nothing else for it - Mum's going to have to get her Sally Gunnell on and learn to run for longer than 2 minutes at a time. She's really looking forward to that she told me, with a Custard Cream in her gob.

Lots of you haven't seen me with all my happy before - that's because when I'm out I'm normally hiding. So this is me - the normal 'at home' me. The me without a care in the world.

I'm getting there.

BIG thanks to Lizzie for getting her feet wet for me.

Here's some other things about me - I'm quite famous don'tchaknow.


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  1. Great pictures!!
    We just picked up a SUP (stand up paddle board leash) for Ziva to run next to hubby with. It allows her a 10 foot freedom to run around him in any direction but it's a tightly wound up coil so when she gets close to him it doesn't get tangled up around anyone's feet. :-) Might be something to look into for Willow and then you'd have a stronger lead line than a flexi leash just in case something happens. We attach it to Ziva via carabiner, and then attach it to a belt around hubby's waist so that she can circle him, he's also attached it to his backpack that he run's with.

    "10 foot coiled SUP leash" the brand we got was Airhead if you're interested, it's on amazon. :-)

    1. What a fabulous idea! Thank you. The flexi-lead is far from perfect in this situation, she's much happier when she has some space (especially if something 'scary' approaches, she can give it a wide berth) Brilliant stuff - thank you for the recommendation :)

    2. You're welcome!
      We picked it up because Ziva likes to run the trails with hubby but she isn't as into the canicrossing as Dante so she keeps up but doesn't pull which meant he kept getting tangled on the leash! LoL So this way she can lag behind a bit, or jump forward or have a tiny sniff before needing to catch back up and it doesn't upset his gait.
      When they need to pass people or if the trail narrows he just reels her in. :-) But aside from that it's pretty hands free.

  2. Awe, Willow you're so cute!! You do look really happy! I'm sorry the rest of the world scares you!

  3. You made me smile, Willow. It was running that brought Shyla out of her shell, and it looks like running does the same for you! I love seeing you so happy!

  4. You look great and the beach looks like lots of fun! I sound kind of like your mum with the running haha. Maybe I need to work on that a bit too.

  5. Beautiful Willow, Harvey, Coco and Buttons. xxxx Well done, Lizzie! Just loved the photographs showing very happy dogs and the beautiful beach. xx


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