Monday, 22 June 2015

All the happies

Because yesterday's post was a sad one - I thought I'd just share one image today.


Look at her.

My beautiful girl, with all the happies!

It's taken a long time to get to this place - and we've still a long journey ahead of us. But, for now - this is perfect.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Ashamed to be Human

It's with a really heavy heart I go about my day today. The Summer Solstice was always a special time for me. Tomorrow would traditionally mean celebration, love, and the knowledge that for a few months we'll enjoy warm weather, our nature and wildlife will receive nourishment and crops will grow, with a little luck.

That was my view of the solstice until I found out about the Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival which I wrote about here.

Last July I applied to adopt a puppy from a beautiful dog who had been pulled off a dog meat trade truck in Thailand. That dog was destined to be tortured and eaten. Knowing her, and seeing my, now adopted, beautiful Willow and her brother and sister who are part of her, makes today especially hard - because, although thankfully, they are safe - there are thousands and thousands out there right now who aren't.

They are, as I type, screaming - having their skin ripped from their bodies whilst they are alive and being placed in vats of boiling hot water, all in the name of celebration over this coming weekend.

The sheer terror these animals endure is hard to write about - and I don't want to write about it. I don't want anyone to have to write about it - why are we having to write about it, talk about it, shout about it, to raise awareness and ask those perpetrating the torture, to stop it? What is wrong with the human psyche that can deliver such terribleness to another living creature? And why do I have to be part of the same human race as those who do this?

Today, I am ashamed - of being human. Most days I spend some time fighting for the rights of people and animals to give me some reason to not be ashamed of my humanness - there are many people who fight too, and I like being part of that collective team, it restores my faith in humanity. But today? I despair.

We weren't able to get this terrible festival banned this year. But we can work towards getting it banned next year. We can support those in China fighting, against all odds, for these animal's rights.

Today, I'll give beautiful Willow extra hugs, and thank all my lucky stars that I have her in my life. I will send out all the love I can muster to those who have been stolen from their owners to end up on dinner plates, or who have been strays, and never knew any love or care - and now never will.

Tomorrow, I will start fighting alongside you all again. 

To read my article about the Yulin Dog & Meat trade click here.

Please visit the following websites to find out more. If you can't donate, then share on social media, if you can't do that, talk about it, write letters. We will get this stopped. Please let that be sooner rather than later.

Stop Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival - Facebook Page

Animals Asia - Website

No to Dog Meat - Website


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