Friday, 2 October 2015

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles

This is a review post

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Blogging Edge, on behalf of Wentworth Wooden Puzzles asking if I’d like to try out a puzzle.

Puzzling takes a certain amount of patience doesn’t it – I’m not exactly blessed with an abundance of that. Plus my inability to sit still for more than 10 minutes means puzzling doesn’t feature heavily in my spare time activities - in fact, I find them brain squeezingly maddening. But by sheer coincidence, I already knew of this puzzle company - good friends of mine, Available Light Gallery and Gifts, have their own puzzles produced by Wentworth, and I know that Available Light doesn’t go for anything but the best - so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Of course, I went for a cat related one – keeping it relevant and that.

Wentworth’s puzzles come in a range different images and sizes - I ordered this one which makes a final image size of 360mm x 250mm, and of course, the bits are wooden, not cardboard - which is a nice touch. Within two days I’d received it.

As we’ve just moved (into a caravan until the legalities have been sorted for the house we’ve just bought) I decided to leave the actual putting-together-of-the-puzzle bit until we were a little more settled. Yesterday was that time, so I sat with the doors open to my little temporary caravan home, cleared a space on the table, and got started.

All the bits come in a fancy bag

I haven’t actually completed a puzzle since 1993. That one was a 20 piece kids’ version that I was forced to make at least a thousand times a day for the little boy I nannied - and, after that, I never wanted to see another puzzle again. In fact, I had every intention of passing this one on to a puzzle mad friend and asking her opinion so I could write a review, but that’s not professional is it? So, I psyched myself for the prospect of a few hours of what I assumed would be total mental torture, and got cracking.

Back in my day, puzzles had corners and edges. Each piece was pretty much similar in shape and size and you picked the edges and corners out first, slotted them together and then you’re off.

Not so with this one.

These puzzles are a bit clever you see. There are absolutely no uniform sized pieces, no corner bits, AND some of the inner bits have straight edges too, just to frustrate the heckers out of you make it a bit more challenging.

Now I hadn’t actually read this information (clearly noted on the box) pre-puzzling, so I spent 15 minutes or so searching for the corner pieces thinking I’d been sent a dud before realising. But, once I’d got my brain-head around that – far from annoying me enormously (as this kind of thing would do normally) – I wanted to carry on.

Then I found the whimsies. A whimsy in Wentworth World is a puzzle piece that’s not puzzle piece shaped at all.

And because they’re shaped entirely unpuzzlelike - it makes the putting together that much trickier (the zig-zag had me stumped for ages and I managed to burn the korma I was cooking to prove it.)

The whole thing took me about two-and-a-half hours (with a tea break in the sun in the middle) and with all of the puzzle’s quirks, I quite enjoyed those couple of hours too.

Take a look at Wentworth Wooden Puzzle's Autumn Collection - you can have puzzles personalised too.

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